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White Grass

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Yellow Grass

Square One, Toronto
Opens Oct 26, 2019

100 City Centre Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9

About the Experience

Welcome to The Dr. Seuss Experience, an imaginative and interactive immersion
into the wondrous world of Dr. Seuss! This Seuss-tacular sensory spectacle takes
you on an awe-inspiring journey through nine different, visually stunning Dr. Seuss
worlds. You can swing among Truffula Trees from The Lorax, make your way
through a brilliant balloon-filled maze from Oh, the Places You’ll go!, stroll through
towering clovers listening for a Who from Horton Hears a Who!, and become a
circus ringmaster from If I Ran the Circus!. Join us and meet the characters, live the
stories, and experience Dr. Seuss like never before in this once in a lifetime
experience not to be missed!